Salt cabin as an oasis for relaxation and well-being

Our salt cabin is the compact solution of the customized salt cave. The cabin is lined with natural Himalayan pink salt bricks and backlit with LED lights.
The symbiosis of the effects of salt from the Himalayas with the chromatic effects of LED lights creates a beneficial environment that is complete, holistic and fascinating for all the senses. The microclimate that forms in the salt cabin is similar to the air present near the sea. The precious minerals and salts present in the environment lead to the activation of mineral reserves, purifying the lungs and bronchi. They also promote blood circulation and stimulate metabolism.

Advantages of our construction system:

  • Guarantee of a quick and clean assembly
  • LED technology with color changing lights
  • Very low consumption of electricity thanks to the innovative LED technology
  • Very short assembly time

Some hypothetical solutions

MIN salt cab

MEDIUM salt cab

LARGE salt cab

Up to 4 people

External walls: fir wood
Inner lining: 3 sides with sales tiles

Complete lighting of the sales walls with LED Technologies (RGB LED color changes + color stop)

Floor: Granulated Himalayan salt (2 - 5 mm) / 7 - 10 cm high

cabina di sale
utilizzo stanza di sale
parete di sale arancio

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