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Why a Salt Room/Cave? What Benefits Does It Offer?

stanza di sale montecarlo

The positive effects of salt on the respiratory system were already known to the ancient Greeks. Hippocrates recommended inhaling salty water vapor in cases of respiratory inflammations.

Fast forward to 1843 when a Polish doctor, realizing that among miners, the rate of lung diseases, which were widespread at the time, was much lower compared to the rest of the population. He correlated his findings with the beneficial effects of salt.

Nowadays, we see the widespread popularity of Salt Rooms across Europe, especially in the North and East.

An excellent aid for:

RESPIRATORY TRACT (As allergies, coughs, asthma, bronchitis, discomfort related to smoking and urban pollution, etc.)

SKIN HEALTH (acne, irritations, skin impurities, etc.)

OVERALL WELL-BEING (stress, insomnia, sleep apnea, relaxation, toxins elimination, ...)

There are also CONTRAINDICATIONS that generally refer to specific existing or potential organic dysfunctions. Therefore, a prior evaluation by a healthcare provider is necessary.

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