Relax/Wellness Caves, rooms, cabins, and salt chambers: relaxation and wellness environments

Himalayan crystal salt is the purest and most complete form of salt because it contains most of the natural elements found in the human body. It contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, etc., and of course, a significant amount of iron that gives it its natural color ranging from red to orange.

Himalayan salt has prehistoric origins. The dating of the deposits dates back to approximately 250 million years ago. It originates from the drying of the prehistoric sea due to the formation of the Himalayan massif. The salt formed beneath the Earth's surface and is still found at a depth of about 400-600 meters. At such a depth, it has been protected from all polluting factors and is now free of additives and chemicals that contaminate the seas and the atmosphere.

Himalayan salt is crystalline and has a great bioenergetics value.

In our Rooms / Caves we use this Salt


  • CRYSTAL Tiles
  • Granular salt in various diameters

In this way, our rooms replicate an environment with widespread and high salinity, similar to what naturally occurs on a rocky cliff by the foamy sea. In mountainous locations, we associate the slogan "bringing the sea to..."

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